"Violet Flame" Art, Reiki Decor, Abstract Energy Art

"The Violet Flame" is an abstract energy art print in my series of reiki decor.

As an energy artist, I seek to create the flow and feeling of the unseen energy all around us into an intuitive visual representation which can be used for transformation, manifestation and healing.

In working with opening and clearing my own heart chakra, I felt the need to invoke the violet flame. Meditating on this image with the intention of transmuting the cause, effect, record, and memory of negative karma can be very healing.

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The violet flame is also called the flame of transmutation, freedom and forgiveness.

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Title: "The Violet Flame"

Size: 8" x 10"

Paper: Professionally printed on Kodak Endura Metallic Photo Paper. This paper is very glossy with an iridescent flash that catches the light and produces deep and vibrant colors.

Colors: Greens, teals, fuschia, blues, red violet some orange and gold, violet, aqua, a little red

Your print will be securely sent through USPS First Class Mail within three business days. On occasion, I'll run out of instock prints in which case I'll have to re-order, taking up to 10 days for you to receive. If time is an issue, let me know before ordering and I'll tell you the status.


From beginning to end, I infused this image with reiki healing energy. My intention was "This image will effectively burn off old negative energy and emotions and will transmute them into the positive energy of forgiveness and release."

I believe that this image could be used as a tool for transfomation and healing. Those who are sensitive to energy might feel a tingling or vibration, or maybe a lift in mood and well being along with a sense of lightening the load. I don't know about you, but I want to lighten the load!

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