Orange Angel Art Ornament with Tree of Life, Reiki Energy Higher Self Spiritual Gift - "Light Being"

This beautiful Higher Self-themed ornament features a silver pewter Tree of Life and a hanging flower-shaped pendant with the orange abstract angel artwork of Primal Painter entitled "Light Being". The uplifting energy and symbolism in this ornament are perfect for hanging in a window, on a rearview mirror, on a Christmas tree, or as a decoration for your shrine, altar, or meditation space. It's a beautiful little gift for someone special or for yourself and comes in a jewelry box with the meaning of the art printed on a small card. In addition, the pendant can be removed and put on your own chain as a pretty glowing necklace. To make it even more special as a gift, a matching frameable greeting card is the perfect addition or check out all of my cards for more inspiration. See my entire ornament collection for more options.

All of my art has meaning and symbolism. "Light Being" - Many of my images are angels with a distinctly feminine form. This image is a genderless Being of Light, abstract in nature and representing the Higher Self. Love, intuition, and healing energy can be found in ways that transcend our usual human perceptions. Every chakra color is here with an emphasis on the lower chakras, red, orange, and yellow, along with tiny angels and Light Beings hidden in the border, protecting and guiding. Be the Light that you wish to see in others.
If you resonate with "Light Being" and its message, it's available in a variety of forms.

It measures 6 inches from the top of the spiral metal hanger to the bottom of the pendant. The pewter Tree of Life ornament measures 2.5" in diameter, and the metal pendant measures 1.5" in diameter.

Professionally printed vibrant miniature artwork by Primal Painter is sealed under a magnifying glass dome in the metal flower pendant.

INTERNATIONAL ORDERS: Some countries, (the UK, Canada, and more) may have additional customs fees and/or import/handling fees to pay upon receipt in your country. Please check into that before you order so there aren't any unpleasant surprises.

All Of My Art can be printed on a variety of products, and you could be the first one in the whole world to own a customized piece. I can have it made just for you so be in touch with the title or link to your favorite image, and I'll work up an example.Throw Pillows and Blankets, Stretched Canvas Prints, Night Lights, Wall Clocks, Shower Curtains,Rugs and Bathmats, Framed Ceramic Tiles, and Greeting Cards.

When I create my art and when I wrote my memoir, "The Attack: From Shattered to Whole", I experience a healing process within myself and sincerely hope that others might experience it as well. Those who are sensitive to energy might feel it in the form of goosebumps, tingles, or a lift in mood or well-being.

Be in touch with any questions, special requests, or concerns.

Art and photos are copyright-protected with all rights reserved by Laurie Bain Hamilton. Downloading for reproduction, reselling, or digital manipulation is prohibited.

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