Purple Third Eye Chakra Angel Art, Reiki Wall Decor, Intuition - "The Seer Mandala"

"The Seer Mandala" is a purple, teal, and blue third-eye angel in the reiki-inspired line of chakra art by Primal Painter. This colorful image features a central graceful angel encircled by intricate patterns and a decorative border, bringing a touch of sacred geometry to any space. Whether displayed in a bedroom, nursery, living room, Reiki room, or office, this piece is sure to become a conversation starter and a source of inspiration, color therapy, and positive energy. Professionally printed, it's available in a variety of sizes, ensuring that it will fit perfectly in any space.

All of my art is infused with positive energy, symbolism, and meaning. "The Seer" lives in the subconscious world of dreams where guidance and inspiration swirl in a sea of abstract colors, patterns, and imagery. Predominantly purple, she represents the third eye or sixth chakra which governs our intuition. She helps us go within, to access and interpret the flashes of insight that come through our intuitive flashes, meditation, and dreams. She helps us to separate fact from fiction and develop confidence in the truth of our intuitions.

Title: "The Seer Mandala"

Select a Size: 8" x 10" size is available now, but larger sizes are ordered just for you and take two weeks to receive, longer for international orders. This is for the print only. It's not matted or framed

Professionally printed on high-quality glossy photo paper with a flashy surreal glow that enhances the colors. 24" x 36" is available on Luster paper with a satin sheen.

Signed, Dated, and Titled on the back

Shipping: Smaller sizes are securely mailed flat via USPS First Class Mail with the print sealed in a plastic sleeve and a foam core backing. 16" x 20" and larger are shipped in a tube.

INTERNATIONAL ORDERS: Some countries, (the UK, Canada, and more) may have additional customs fees and/or VAT taxes to pay upon receipt in your country. Please check into that before you order so there aren't any unpleasant surprises.

"The Seer Mandala" is also available on a variety of products and mediums including a greeting card, a stretched canvas print in a variety of sizes, a wall clock, a pillow, a framed ceramic tile, and necklaces with several setting options.

All Of My Art can be printed on a variety of products, and you could be the first one in the whole world to own a customized piece. I can have it made just for you so be in touch with the title or link to your favorite image, and I'll work up an example.Throw Pillows and Blankets, Stretched Canvas Prints, Night Lights, Wall Clocks, Shower Curtains,Rugs and Bathmats, Framed Ceramic Tiles, and Greeting Cards.

When I create healing art and when I wrote my illustrated autobiography, The Attack: From Shattered to Whole, I not only experience a healing process within myself, but I also set my intention that there will be a healing impact on viewers and the planet. Those who are sensitive to energy might feel it in the form of vibrations, tingling, or a lift in mood. My hope is that my art and words will have positive effects on the body, mind, and soul.

If there are any questions, concerns, or special requests, don't hesitate to be in touch!

Artwork and photos are copyright protected with all rights reserved by Laurie Bain Hamilton. Reproduction and altering are prohibited, but sharing is encouraged with credit given to Primal Painter as the artist. Use this link: https://www.lightworkerenergyart.com

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